When To Get Help From A Virtual Assistant

You know that you’re busy with your business and you know that you need help of some sort. You might also know where to go to get help, but you’re still unsure exactly when would be the most optimal time to get virtual assistant help.

Our simple answer is when you are at the stage of your business when you aren’t getting everything done on time or as well as you think it should be done.

Don’t wait until you’re stressed or experiencing that ‘sinking’ feeling before you look for virtual assistant help. Start today! 

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Get Virtual Assistant Help!

We talk to business owners every day and understand how stress can impact your decision-making abilities. You might feel like you’re sinking and just don’t have the time to look for virtual assistant help. Your stress levels might start to rise and then you’ll take whatever help you can get. You may even think that the cheapest option is the best one for you (often, we find that this isn’t the case – remember: you get what you pay for).

So, don’t wait to look for that additional help when you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t have the time to think about what your new VA might do, or to train or induct a virtual assistant.

Here are some simple steps to follow if you start to feel that sense of overwhelm and decide to look for virtual assistant help.

Step 1: Work Out What Help You Need From Your VA

Business owners who are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant often struggle with working out just what to expect from their VA in terms of how much work they can do in 1 hour.

Here is a list of activities that a VA can do in 1 hour that has been taken from real-life virtual assistants. We provide it here to help you estimate your budget and is a guide only. However, by talking to us we can give you a clearer picture of when a virtual assistant needed.

Remember that virtual assistants who have the skills you are looking for can often do much more than you in one hour, so your estimation of time required is often inaccurate. You will be working with someone with years of experience who can recommend more efficient and effective ways of doing things. They can also keep you updated with the latest updates or software releases. This in turn gives you a more efficient business and more time to spend in front of clients which is where you should be.

Step 2: Consider Your Budget

So when it comes to estimating your budget, you can think of it in one of two ways: how much do you want to pay hourly or how much do you want to pay to get the job done. We often refer to the latter as ‘package’ prices and encourage our VAs on our network to provide these options to clients because it really does help to define and articulate business owners’ ROI.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant who charges less than AU$20/hour then you might consider sourcing your VA from another network. The average hourly rate for Australian VAs starts from AU$30/hour and can go up to as much as AU$90/hour depending on the specialty service you’re seeking.

Step 3: Get Virtual Assistant Help From A Reputable Source

Searching Google for virtual assistant help seems like the logical first step – until you get inundated with search returns for all sorts of VAs that you don’t quite know where to start.

We recommend going through a professional VA network – and there are certainly a few Australian-based networks available that provide this service. Most have members who join their directory or network and then are promoted to clients. Some members may be checked, some might not.

VA Placements is he only VA directory in Australia to ask our VAs to abide by a code of conduct – and we’re proud of that. All our VAs agree to show respect for a person’s rights and dignity, maintain high levels of competence, are aware of their responsibilities as a VA, and promote integrity in all their dealings with clients.

Some Free Resources To Help You Find The Perfect Virtual Assistant

To help make your job of finding a virtual assistant easier, take advantage of the following free resources:
  • Position description template
  • Structured interview guide
  • Briefing template for your new virtual assistant

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