How a Virtual Assistant can help Manage your Business

As a business grows there are always certain tasks that begin to fall by the way side. Whether those tasks are personal or business related, a virtual assistant can take care of it.   

No more stressing over the time it would take to hire and train a new employee, you can hire a virtual assistant online and have them supporting you, and your business in no time. When you're busy handling the more complex sides of your business your virtual assistant can help manage your business by:   

  • Organising your digital files, filtering through and responding to emails, and updating your business calendar - these are just a few small tasks that can aide you in managing your business, and a virtual assistant can do them all from their computer. 
  • Researching topics for a presentation, turning that research into slides or presentations on your behalf. VAs can transcribe video or audio, whether that be voicemails or podcasts and turn this transcription into content for your online marketing. 
  • Booking your travel arrangements for any conferences or other events to connect you with new clients and partners, a virtual assistant can handle your travel arrangements and make sure any newly gathered information gets into your system quickly and efficiently. 
  • Managing your social media accounts by creating your new content, posting the content and even responding to all comments or inquiries on your behalf. With little to no training any virtual assistant can easily take care of these simple tasks. 

But what about more strategic business management activities?

Virtual assistants can help you organise, research, book, and manage daily administrative and other more complex arrangements, but some VAs also specialise in more strategic business management activities. In their previous lives within the corporate world, these VAs may have been office managers or more strategic leaders within their organisation. These VAs may have managed policy and procedures or been the HR manager within their organisation. The skills they would have learnt within their corporate career are skills that they can use to support you – a busy business owner who doesn’t have the time to spend on managing the more strategic areas of their business.  

Consider these business management activities:  
  • Creating business plans and business strategies 
  • Developing marketing plans 
  • Writing and updating policy and procedures 
  • Developing staff induction and training policies and presentations 
  • Undertaking staff recruitment 

How more efficient would you be if you could outsource these activities to an experienced VA who is more of a strategic thinker?

 As well as supporting you with these areas, an experienced VA will also be able to talk you through tools or programs that could work best for your business management areas, or of course they could work within the processes you have in place. This is always a good first conversation to have when you initially start working with a new VA.

Get in touch with our team or search our directory and get matched with someone who can free up your time today. 

It’s outsourcing made easy!

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