How a Virtual Assistant can help you with your Administration needs

Considering outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant, but unsure where to start? The tasks that you find to be repetitive, uninspiring, and boring are by far the most popular ones to start with. It just makes sense for you as a busy online business owner to hand these tasks over to a VA who not only likes doing them, but is a pro to boot!    

But what if we change tactics here.    

Let’s not think about the boring, repetitive tasks, but about all the administrative tasks that your business requires to run smoothly. Have you thought about the opportunities you’re wasting by not outsourcing these?    

A lot of business owners know that they should be concentrating on bringing in more clients, providing high quality technical services, or thinking strategically about their business – but instead, they find themselves maybe procrastinating or perfecting these administrative jobs. Really, the best approach should be to outsource these tasks as well so that you can focus on what you should be doing. Whether that’s strategy (also something you can outsource if it’s not your thing), automation, client meetings (face-to-face or online!), forging new joint ventures, and other exciting growth-related activities.    

Considered letting virtual assistants deal with the mundane while you deal with growth and innovation?

When we talk to business owners who are looking to outsource administrative activities they usually inadvertently put in roadblocks to the process because they’re never too sure where to start, or even how to start. One of the most common questions we get is usually, but what can a VA do? Followed closely by, how much do they charge? Read our blog post on frequently asked questions here to help you get started.  

Apart from clearing your email inbox or answering your calls, there are some other benefits to working with a VA with administration expertise:  

  • Go on more holidays! Working with an all-rounder VA with experience in managing online businesses can make it less stressful for you to take time off. They can easily manage your online business processes while you’re away. 
  • Exposure to new online tools. Whether you’re in the know or not, it’s always good to stay on top of the latest advancements in online business tools – from lead generation to productivity and customer-relationship databases. There’s always a newer, better, faster way of doing something and a VA who’s in the industry may just save you lots of research and learning and development time by exposing you to the latest and greatest! 
  • Free up your headspace. A lot of business owners think about the time that they will get back when they work with a VA, but have you considered the headspace that you’ll get back as well? You don’t have to think about doing those daily, weekly, or monthly repetitive, mundane tasks anymore. You can literally use that headspace to work on your creativity, your passion, or your hobbies. 

So, how can a VA help with administrative activities?

Administration is such a wide and varied skill set. So, when you decide to outsource your business administration to a VA you could mean anything from managing your email inbox through to creating document templates or scanning hard copy files. Really, whatever administrative tasks you don’t like doing, or don’t want to do, or simply don’t have the time to do, can be handed over to a VA.    

And when it comes to budgeting the outsourcing of administrative tasks, you can think of it in one of two ways:    

1. Pay per hour – this seems to be a default payment method for most of us, but really, it’s deceptive because what I can do in one hour versus what you can do in one hour differs. So how do you know that I’m going to get through everything you need done within a certain time frame?

2. Retainer fee – this is a far more cost-effective way to manage your administrative VA. We recommend you determine an amount you wish to pay your VA per week ($100, $500, $2000) and then list all the tasks you expect done during that week. When you talk to some prospective VAs, have an honest discussion about your expectations and your budget and see if the two marry with the VA. A good VA will tell you outright what they can do within a week for a dollar amount. And always leave room for movement and negotiation.

Here is an indication of what administrative tasks you could outsource to your VA:  

  • Data entry 
  • Desktop publishing
  • Document creation
  • Document scanning
  • Filing
  • Inbox management
  • Mailout coordination
  • PowerPoint creation 
  • Spreadsheet creation 

An experienced VA can ascertain which tools or programs will work best for your needs or they can work with the processes you have in place. Just make sure you discuss these in your initial conversations with them.   

So if you’re no longer sitting on the fence and have decided that a VA is for you, then get in touch with our team or search our directory and get matched with someone today.   

It’s outsourcing made easy!


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