What some of our happy clients say!

We love our community and we know that they love us too. But don't take our word for it, just ask our clients and Virtual Assistants! Check below to read some of our testimonials:

"The service Liz provides via 121 Temps and VA Placements is awesome to say the least.   Here at Time Out! Computers, we have hired at least three different VA’s for different needs and they have exceeded all expectations.

I have to admit when I first heard about VA’s, I couldn’t work out how I could implement them in my Company. As my Company cannot afford to give me a PA (Personal Assistant) I have found VA’s (Virtual Assistants) to be invaluable. Since I have been forced to realise the true dollar value of my time as a Managing Director, I have now realised I can’t afford to be wasting time doing the things I don’t excel at and am better off employing VA’s to do those things they excel at and I can concentrate on what I should be doing with my time.

I have been surprised and overwhelmed, with the quality and easy of working with the VA’s I have hired, and now cannot stop myself from finding ideas and ways, in which to use VA Placements in my Company more and more in time to come. The broad range of expertise that is at your fingertips, and at the right price, will amaze you.

I can’t help myself, but I must use that famous quote by Molly Meldrum. “Do yourself a favour” and call Liz right now and see what VA Placements can do for your Business, let those that know how, do what they now how. While you do what you know how and free up some of your time. I have recommended Liz and VA Placements on a number of occasions and will continue doing so." Ross Bladin, Time Out Computers
"Liz’s exceptional reputation preceeded our first meeting and upon meeting Liz I knew immediately how and why she had earned such an impressive reputation. She is a woman of insight who is easily able to see exactly what you need to move your business forward and to then match you to that from her vast resources. Liz has an expansive knowledge base and great wisdom, both of which she shares generously with those work with her, coupled with integrity and passion I could not recommend Liz highly enough. Do yourself a favour, connect with Liz and find out how your business can improve exponentially" ~ Heather Boon, the Mind Body Business Doctor

"Liz Parker is a pioneer in the Virtual Assistants industry and has contributed significantly to its establishment as a professional service of value. Liz combines strong personal values with a detailed and determined approach to ensure that good processes are in place and are consistently used. I appreciate her honest and direct communication style. In summary, Liz is an extremely professional person with whom I am very pleased to do business and that I am proud to know." Ian Daniels, Business Tutor

"I have the joy to meet with Liz regularly and always come away with some great ideas to improve my business. Liz has a real knack for helping people start their own business or help them improve their existing business by finding strong win-win scenarios."  Mark Burgunder, BUDA

"As the front-person for a network of extremely capable, competent and diverse group of Virtual Assistants, Liz is the go-to person for all of those times when temporary or contract staff are needed to bridge the gap. Her Global Team of VA’s represent an outstanding pool of talent that are ready and willing to step-up and help a business owner in need. I know that with Liz as a contact I can rest-assured that when we need temporary staff, they are as close as a phone call awaySandra Hammond, Word on Business
"Liz has a down-to-earth personable and approachable way of conducting her business while at the same time maintaining extremely high levels of professionalism and results focus. I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about the incredible depth of Liz herself and the amazing array of services she can connect me with through her growing ‘army’ of highly qualified Virtual Assistants. I’ve had Liz organise 2 different Virtual Assistants whom now provide an integral service to my business and will definitely be using Liz to find more as my business grows. Oh and I absolutely love her Irish Accent too! :-)" Sam Best, Blaze Wealth Group 

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