Five Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you have been thinking about how to hire a virtual assistant and not sure where to start, this article will help you decide on who you should hire, what you need to do to be prepared, and how much it is likely to cost you.

Making the decision to hire a virtual assistant is quite attractive to most small business owners, however some of the clients we talk to express a bit of concern around what to expect and how to manage the whole experience. This is a particular daunting task for those business owners who have never managed staff previously. You might be concerned about how to manage to get the best result from your virtual assistant.

Here are five things you should know before you start the hiring process.

Before You Hire A VA: Be Prepared

By preparing yourself and your business for a new team member you are also reviewing what the issues are in total. Rather than hiring someone for an immediate need, look at your existing systems and processes and work out if there is a need to hire someone on a regular basis. Especially if you are finding that spend most of your day fielding customer inquires. Take on a virtual assistant to make sure your customers are happy. This one simple thing can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Happy clients refer others also so you business will start to grow.

Before You Hire A VA: Write your Induction Program

Writing an induction program that covers your vision, core beliefs and goals as well as the story of the business. Having this available to a new team member can make them feel welcome as well as generate a great deal of loyalty. Sharing your vision and goals means that you have an added member of the team to help you achieve them and this will only happen if they understand what they are right from the word go. If you can’t type fast, then record videos and upload them to a private YouTube channel. Videos are a great way of documenting your business.

Before You Hire A VA: Draw Your Organisational Chart

This may seem like an odd thing for you to do if you are a solo business owner. Who else is there? Even if you start your organisational chart with your name written in all of the boxes, you can see a visual representation of your business development by replacing your name one box at a time. It not only gives you a sense of achievement but shows your virtual assistant how important their role is in the growth of your business as you start to replace your name with theirs.

Before You Hire A VA: Remember, Personalities Are Important

You may have found the right person with the right skills but what about personalities? The personalty of your virtual assistant is just as important as their skills. If you have difficulty communicating with one another or worse clash because you don’t work well together it won’t make for a successful partnership. There are quite a few online personality tests that you can do such as Wealth Dynamics and DISC which are two of the most popular. Find out where you sit in the respective spectrum and then advertise for those personality traits that work well with you. Doing this assessment also helps you understand your clients and prospects and that makes them worthwhile.

Before You Hire A VA: Structure Interview Questions

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you create a set of standard questions that you ask each virtual assistant you interview. Adding a note about what your ideal response to the question would be is also a good strategy. It is easy to get diverted or distracted during an interview and you end up not comparing the same things across virtual assistants. I suggest you have the position description open and ask a question about each key responsibility. In this way you are ensuring that you don’t miss anything out during the selection process.

Something From Us To Help You Hire A Virtual Assistant

We have a few resources available for free on this website. However, if you’re a small business looking to work with a VA for the first time, you might find our free virtual assistant job description beneficial to get you started.

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