What to Look for in Your Perfect Virtual Assistant

Are you at that point in your business where you’re spending too much time running your administration, accounts, or social media, and not enough time actually doing what you wanted to do when you first launched your business? Then you might need a virtual assistant to help you out. But what exactly is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular, and necessary, for the savvy business owner who doesn’t want to recruit or pay office or human resource overheads, but does want to make running their business less stressful and more manageable. 

VAs are experienced professionals who run their businesses from their at-home offices making them perfectly placed to provide expert services in one or many areas. They undertake most of their activities online, meaning they use a myriad of online business programs to support their clients at professional and reliable levels. 

And as a business owner, you actually don’t have to leave your office to meet with your VA if you have neither the time nor the inclination. 

So, What Makes a Great Virtual Assistant?

There are a few words that come to mind when describing a great virtual assistant: honest, trustworthy, punctual, reliable, organised, tech-savvy, exceptional communicator, high level of integrity. The list can go on and will vary depending on what you need your VA to do for you. 

So, when it comes to working with a great virtual assistant you really need to ensure that you: 
  • Know what personality types you work well with – are you looking for someone to follow your explicit instructions, or are you open to working with someone who has drive and initiative and can possibly share some business improvement ideas and suggestions with you?
  • Have clarity around the level of skills you require – as with any type of profession, you’re going to pay more for experience and high quality. If you need a VA to provide basic support, then consider engaging a new VA who will be passionate about getting the job done for you because they’re new to the industry, but may take more time than an expert. However if you’re looking for particular outcomes and you need the right results, then you may need to hire a virtual business manager over an assistant.
  • Check them out online first – most established VAs will have their website up and running, or their profile on reputable directory listings, and will have collected client testimonials to demonstrate their ability and experience. Ideally, your VA will also provide you with guarantee so that you can manage the risk you take by going into business with them.

Now, the Question Becomes Where Can I Find My Perfect Virtual Assistant?

You could try Googling the services you need support with and then spend time sifting through the thousands of websites that will be returned to you.

Or you can visit a recruitment service such as that offered by VA Placements who offer to match you to the right VA for the role you’re looking to fill. There is an opportunity to search our database of professional VAs and make contact directly, or you can get the team to do the work for you and match you to up to five professional VAs who possess the skills you’re looking for.

The service provided by us here ate VA Placements is free and all the VAs onour directory adhere to a strict code of conduct. 

Share Your Virtual Assistant Stories

Have you used a VA before? We’d love to hear what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you – do you have any stories you’d like to share to help other professionals find the right VA for them?

Are you a VA who has some hints and tips to help businesses engage their first VA? Running your own business is a massive learning curve and what works for someone might not work for others. Share your insights to help others make a smooth transition to running and managing their businesses.

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