For Virtual Assistants

Q. Is this directory only for virtual assistants? 
A. The term "Virtual assistants" refers to an industry.  The industry works in a home-based business offering a range of office, admin, marketing, creative and writing services to other small businesses.  If your business fits this model you can be listed even if you don't describe yourself as a virtual assistant.  You must be a business and not an employee.

Q. What makes this directory different all the others available online? 
A.  This directory is unique because of the wide range of information you can include in your profile and because clients can search by location, skill and topic.  This makes this directory the most comprehensive anywhere in the world.  In addition, clients can contact you directly without the need to go through us.  It really is free, quick and easy for prospects to find you.

Everyone listed in this directory is bound by a code of conduct that is monitored by our professional standards panel.  When you sign up you are automatically bound by this code and you should read it and make sure you follow the ethical principles.[download here]

Q,  If someone makes a complaint about me what happens then? 
A.  The professional standards panel follows a set process.  The client lodges his concerns in writing giving permission for the letter to be sent to the Virtual Assistant concerned.  The virtual assistant is asked to provide their opinion on the matter.  The professional standards panel then revews both sides and makes a recommendation to the CEO.  This is a quality improvement process and is aimed at helping the virtual assistant improve their communication with the client.

Q.  Can I start as a basic member and then upgrade?
A.  Yes, you can upgrade at any time and all your information is automatically saved to the new membership level.  Paid listings can publish more and access free leads.  See the Join page for more details.

Q.  What are the main benefits of listing in this directory?
Leads, clients, more business, improved SEO results and access to additional training and support (depending on the level of membership you choose).  

The directory drives traffic to the listings so that clients can find you easily.  We invest heavily in driving traffic to the directory.  This means that our search engine optimization activities will provide you with increased link juice to your own website and social media sites.  The directory listing can be your marketing hub to make sure you get noticed online.  Of course the search engines love directories and the more content you have on your listing the more the search engines will love you. This will have a major positive impact on your search rankings.

If you are a current member of http://www.121temps.com, you receive a listing as part of your membership.

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