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What is a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are an opportunity for you to improve your business

In Australia Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who offer their skills and experience to their clients for a fee that they invoice the client for.  They are responsible for their own taxation obligations.

While the industry started off with personal assistants working from home, it has developed over the past 10 years to something much more.

Virtual Assistants can be as simple as a secretary who takes your calls or does some admin.  They can also be much more than this with high level skills in planning, marketing, creative services, strategic planning, finance, social media, event management, project admin and anything in between.

In fact, virtual assistants can be what ever you need in your business.  

You can hire them at call or on a regular basis.  You can hire them for a specific project or event for 1 hour or several hours.  They provide you with flexibility and control and you are not at risk of any budget or fiscal challenges or blow outs.  

"You can agree on the rate up front, pay as you go or pay on a regular weekly or monthly basis."

As virtual assistants run their own business you can negotiate terms directly with the virtual assistant and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.  You are buying the value that they bring to your business and that includes skills, experiences and technology know how.

What you should avoid when hiring a virtual assistant in Australia

In Australia, the ATO enforces some rules around who is considered an independent contractor and who isn't.  To protect yourself you should ask your new Virtual Assistant the following questions:

  1. How many other clients do you have at the moment? (you want them to have more than you as a client.  If they are a new Virtual Assistant then ask them if they intend to work with other clients)
  2. Are you a registered business with an Australian Business Number?
  3. Do you invoice for your services and when does this occur?
  4. Do you have your own business insurance?  (Public liability minimum)
If you need more help, then complete the decision tool on the ATO website - here is the link:

Click here to go to the ATO Decision Tool

The virtual assistants listed in the VAPlacements Directory are all bound by a code of conduct so you can be sure of their reliability and ethical approach to business.  Any breaches to this code, the Virtual Assistant will be removed immediately from this listing.

To view our full code of conduct, [click here]

The 4 Ethical Principles that are the foundation of our Code of Conduct are:

4 Ethical Principles

  • Respect for a Person’s Rights and Dignity
    Virtual Professionals accord appropriate respect to and promote the development of the fundamental rights, dignity and worth of all people. They respect the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality and autonomy, consistent with other obligations and with the law.

  • Competence
    Virtual Professionals strive to ensure and maintain high standards of competence in their work. They recognise the boundaries of their particular competencies and the limitations of their expertise. They provide only those services and use only those techniques for which they are qualified by education, training or experience.

  • Responsibility
    Virtual Professionals are aware of their responsibilities to their clients, to the community, and to the society in which they work and live. Virtual Professionals avoid doing harm and are responsible for their own actions, and assure themselves, as far as possible, that their services are not misused,

  • Integrity
    Virtual Professionals seek to promote integrity in the virtual assistant industry. Virtual Professionals are honest, fair and respectful of others. They attempt to clarify for relevant parties the roles they are performing and to function appropriately in accordance with those roles.

Hiring a virtual assistant or team of virtual assistants are an asset to you and your business.  It is worth taking the time to select the write virtual assistant to help you.  It isn't all about budget, its more about the personality of the person you select, their match of skills to your requirements and how well you and they communicate with each other.

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