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What are Virtual Office Temps?

Virtual office temps provide you with an affordable way to access skilled talent on a temporary basis.  In times past office temps had to be located in your office, however,  these days the virtual office temp can be located at home and do the work required from there.  The advantage to the business is the flexibility of not having to provide infrastructure or having to pay exorbitant costs.

Free Recruitment Service vs Paid Recruitment Service

The advantages of using a free recruitment service over having a paid account with a local agency that provides in-office temps is that the new virtual office temps services keep the focus on skills and expertise. With most in-office temp agencies, while skills are preferred – in the end you get someone who is available more than is capable of doing the job you need done.

How can virtual office temps save me money?

There are three parts to the answer for this question. The first is that virtual office temps are cheaper to hire than using a service because they are freelancers or independent contracts. This means the wage is set by negotiation and service. Contract agencies are working from local competitive wage scales and have a much higher overhead to cover which can raise the hourly rate for a data entry clerk above what you may have the budget to pay for. The second way that they save you money is you have a great deal more flexibility in who you hire and how long you hire them for. Hiring from a service is based in full and half day time blocks. If you only have a project that needs a virtual social media assistant for a few hours; you hire them for the time required by the project – there is no minimum hours required. Lastly, you get to pick the person you hire, which gives you more control and assurance over the skills and qualifications of the freelance virtual office temps doing your work.

What are the advantages of hiring virtual office temps?

Hiring virtual office temps does more to save your business money than just providing you with skills when you need them at a rate far lower than on-site temp agencies can offer. They also provide you with virtual office temps that have verified skills and experience so there are no surprises about what your temp can and cannot do. When a freelance virtual pa registers, they not only file a skills portfolio but their profile has a rating system so you get to see feedback from other clients. You also can get very targeted and specific about the skills you need and find the perfect match, not the best match. Many times an agency will send you a person with basic skills and experience when what you need is a virtual receptionist with a very specific skill set regarding a cloud aggregate service. You can set search parameters and identify the freelancers with the right skills quickly using virtual office temps online.

How do virtual receptionists get the calls? Virtual receptionists work using synced databases, cloud aggregates and real-time communication to handle your call needs. Part of the job skills required for virtual receptionists are competence with all major software scheduling programs, logging and recording interfaces and customer service and retention skills. Virtual receptionists are also familiar with your industry because you can pick the one with experience in it. This means you are not only getting someone who knows the technical aspects of the job, but is aware of the ethics and customer relations issues surrounding your business. Whoever is answering the phone or making your schedule has to be knowledgeable to best present your assistance.

 What is a virtual pa?

Not all personal assistants need to be right there in the office with you. A virtual pa can be a cost effective solution to making sure you stay on time and stay on top of your life. One of the reasons that hiring a virtual pa can be more cost effective than an in-house personal assistant is you know the skills and experience you are getting. Instead of having to "try people out," you start with a competent professional who can meet your needs. Picking a virtual pa by skills and experience includes picking one with direct experience with consumer and vendor sales, research and development issues, and team coordination and communication skills. The best virtual pa is one that can understand not just what and when, but why and help organize the ideas and processes you have that aren’t set down in file formats yet. A virtual personal assistant can help you organize ideas and move your business forward.

 What does a social media virtual assistant do? Just about every business, whether you are a sole proprietor working out of a spare room, or a growing concern, has cued into the importance of managing their social media network accounts. It doesn't pass muster anymore to use automated software to blast tweets or repost coupon links and specials; consumers have grown more demanding in wanting a relationship with the person behind the account. In many instances, customers are also bypassing traditional call centers and FAQs and going straight to the social networks to voice their problems, ask questions and find out more information. Having a social media virtual assistant allows you to make handling the needs of interacting with customers via your social networks a priority without sacrificing staff time or a lot of your budget to do it. Unless you are a mega corporation, most businesses only need a social media virtual assistant to keep up with their accounts. Having a social medial virtual assistant lets you stay current with customer demands for service while keeping your focus on the nuts and bolts of business.

What are the advantages of using appointment setters?
Appointment setters can increase your retention and ROI by providing a timely follow up to incoming calls and initiate targeted calls to increase your business. It doesn't take long before even the smallest business can do everything but keep up with the phone calls and set appointments. Appointment setters are skilled at making customer contact, making a good impression and securing an appointment fast. Appointment setters used integrated systems to update your calendar so you are never at a loss for where to be and who to see.